Be In Charge of Your Destiny with Intentionality

There are two kinds of people in this world –those who ‘create’ their lives and those who are ‘created’ by their lives. The former are able to live their lives to the fullest because, even though they may not be in control everything that happens to them, they are able to take control of their emotions emotions and are in charge of how they respond to these happenings. The latter on the other hand, live their lives with indifference. They have no control over their emotions and they let situations dictate their emotions. Thus, becoming victims instead of victors.

How about you? Which among the two are you? Are you living your life to the fullest or are you just merely living? Are you a victim or a victor? If you think and feel that you’re one of the latter then maybe you need to need to develop INTENTIONALITY.

What is Intentionality?

Intentionality is thinking and acting “on purpose” or deliberately. It is also knowing what it takes to control your own outcomes and even your own destiny.

Without this competency people will fail to set goals and adhere to them. This is because they are quite unsure of or easily become distracted from what they ideally want to achieve – whether that’s their ideal life, finding their ideal position or career, or being intentional and deliberate in choosing friends or a mate in life. They allow themselves to be tossed about by the prevailing winds of life or the day, because they are unclear about the outcomes they seek.

Developing intentionality will enable you to intentionality make decisions and take action in a manner consistent with their goals and values. Intentionality also enables you to manage distractions, be focused on your objectives and gives you the ability to achieve your goals and make things happen.

So, adopt this belief that you are in control. Give yourself permission to actively set an intention for what you want and go after it. Don’t allow yourself to be distracted from your goals and intentions. If you happen to be in dilemma, just step back and ask yourself: “What do I really want to happen in my life?”.

Take charge and choose to be in control of your life, your emotions and even your destiny! Become a victor instead of being a victim of your circumstances.

Benjamin Disraeli said it best:

“We are not creatures of circumstance; we are creators of circumstance.”

Indeed, we can be in control of our lives if we have the intention to be. As the year 2020 approaches, learn to value and enjoy life by allowing yourself to actively live in it. 

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