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Social and Emotional Intelligence

The Key Ingredient for Having Less Conflict and More Collaboration in Your Own Life and Your Organisation.

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Emotional Intelligence ebook cover showing Man doing a meditation pose. The title of ebook is the secret to having less conflict and more collaboration.

FREE eBook  - 'Social and Emotional Intelligence'

Discover the top 5 attributes of individuals, teams and organisations, that have a high social and emotional intelligence quotient, and how to develop it for yourself and others.

Why Are Some Organisations More Successful Than Others?

The secret is Social and Emotional Intelligence.

By understanding and increasing your SEQ (social and emotional quotient) your people can set the right foundations for greater success in every area of their lives. Social and Emotional Intelligence is essentially a measure of the ability to understand your own emotions and those of other people; and to use this intelligence to guide your thinking and behaviour. It relates to competencies that can be learned and improved by everyone.

Vector wheel showing the 26 Distinct Competencies of Social and Emotional Intelligence.

Best Practice Assessment, Training, Coaching, and Certification in the 26 Distinct Competencies of Social and Emotional Intelligence.

Social and Emotional Intelligence is the ability to be aware of your own emotions, and the emotions of others - in the moment - and then using that information to manage yourself and manage your relationships.

We take you on an experiential journey through Self Awareness, Self Management, Social Awareness and Relationship Management.

We offer in-house, virtual delivery, blended and self-paced online options. This means that we can design your organisation a bespoke program that perfectly fits your exact needs and budget.

Social and Emotional Intelligence Certification

This proven training and certification program was written and developed specifically for coaches, trainers, HR leaders, and consultants to equip them with the knowledge, skills, techniques, and tools to assess client strengths and development needs in social and emotional intelligence and coach them in 26 key social and emotional intelligence competencies.

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Emotional Intelligence Online Masterclass series poster showingBrain with gears and the People Builders 26 competencies wheel.

Enjoy a self paced journey of personal and professional growth with our Emotional Intelligence Online Masterclass Series.

Easy to consume video modules and lessons, supported by implementation exercises and online conversations with a master trainer and coach. You start with Self Awareness and then navigate your journey through the 4 quadrants and 26 competencies at you own pace.

Business woman shouting at a colleague because she lacks self management
A group of business men and women working harmoniously together because they have social awareness.
2 men in business suit arguing with each other because they lack relationship management.
Self Awareness Course

Engage in a facilitated program of learning and development with our live training workshops.

Engaging 90-minute group training and coaching modules that can be put together to create a regular series or a half-day, full-day and 2-day event. Not just information, each module is well supported by powerful implementation exercises and participant discussions with an accredited EI master trainer. Your workshops can be delivered in-house, online, or as a combination of both. Contact us today to discuss your unique needs.

Emotional Intelligence Training Worskhop poster showing Man doing meditation pose with creative and logical brain as background.
Group of Emotionally Intelligent Business leaders.
An emotionally intelligent and confident child in a super hero suit.
Business woman shouting at a colleague because she lacks self management
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Experience a massive transformation with a certified coach using our proven eChange™ coaching method.

Long term change can only happen when you are in an environment of support and accountability. Whether you just want some awareness, or you are ready to put your learning into action, we have coaching packages that evaluate using the most comprehensive EI assessment, engage with a personalised action plan, educate through implementation exercises and empower through regular coaching conversations.

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Emotional Intelligence Online Bootcamp

A 6-week journey of transformation for people, just like you, who want to get control over their emotions, set healthy boundaries, and live their best life without all the conflict and stress.


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