A Reflection on 2018

As we draw to a close on 2018 I wanted to pause for a few moments to reflect with gratitude on what we experienced this year, and refocus with expectation on what lies ahead in 2019.

People Builders considers it an honour to have been a part of your journey and we appreciate you choosing our team to partner with you.

As the founder and Managing Partner, I am blessed to lead a world class team of professional training, coaching and human resources experts who all imbibe our core values of People, Authenticity, Generosity, Solidarity, Creativity and Influence

I am privileged to watch them engage with our clients with integrity and respect, giving from a place of servanthood, valuing each and every relationship

We have grown our reach and now operate in Australia, New Zealand, The Philippines, Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Nepal, India and Bangladesh.

When I started People Builders just over 10 years ago, I could only dream of the amount of people we would get to empower through our programs and services.

In 2018 we took to the road with our public Emotional Intelligence Intensive program throughout Asia Pacific. The participants were exceptional and the feedback was great. We learned what works and what we need to adjust. This has encouraged us to add more cities in 2019.

We laughed with you and sometimes cried with you.

We witnessed breakthrough and disappointment.

We saw you stretch and grow, just like we continue to do ourselves.

2018 was a remarkable year and we look forward to finishing strong.

Now, as we look towards 2019 with excitement and expectation, we invite you all to continue the journey with us, or if we haven’t had the privilege to serve you yet, jump on board.

We will continue to expand our reach through a combination of developing more Associate Partners, and creating a more extensive suite of offerings that can be experienced online.

We have plans to open an office in the Middle East as well as Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand.

Along with our Emotional Intelligence workshops, we will take our Leadership Intensive on the road in 2019.

This 2 day program, “The Architecture of Leadership Excellence”, focuses on the 9 crucial shifts every leader needs to make to thrive and grow in the volatile, uncertain, complex and sometimes ambiguous marketplace we operate in today.

We combine the latest findings in Neuroscience and Psychology with global benchmarks and experiential learning. As the global head of our leadership division, I am thrilled to be taking a key roll in the creation and delivery of this program.

So 2019 will be pretty much the same as 2018.

We will still be serving awesome people, with similar goals and challenges, through a growing network of some of the finest trainers, coaches and human resource professionals on the planet.

I know that sounds a bit biased….. because it is.

Just like you, we at People Builders believe in our people and love to watch them grow.

Thank you again for being a part of our journey. Without you…we wouldn’t need to exist. We value each and every one of you and are empowered by your commitment and achievements every day.

So from my family to yours, have a very Merry Christmas and New Year. Stay safe, take some time to relax and refresh so you come back ready for an even bigger and brighter 2019.


Grant Herbert
Founder & Managing Partner

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