Proven Process for Maximum ROI.

Training and coaching programs will be more effective when delivered in a way that allows for incremental change. That's why we use our eChange™ model in everything we do.

The eChange™ Process

Long term change requires repetition of new learnings for rewiring of the brain through neuroplasticity. Our proven process ensures this happens for you.

Magnifying Glass means to Evaluate which is the first step in the echange process

Step 1: Evaluate

Developing self awareness around current mindset and behaviour roadblocks through quantitative and qualitative assessments.

Shaking hands means to agree and to Engage which is the 2nd step to the echange process.

Step 2: Engage

Creating an environment that will ensure your people take ownership of the problems and then commit to the change process.

Computer that signifies to Educate. We at people builders will help you develop the skills you need to produce behaviour thats brings the results.

Step 3: Educate

Training and developing the skills and competencies required to change and produce the behaviour that brings the results you need.

Talking balloon. This signifies to empower which is Step 4 in the echange process.

Step 4: Empower

Providing regular check in and coaching for support and accountability to produce long term change and embed a culture of continuous improvement.


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