Achieve your Goals in 5 Steps

New years are often associated with new beginnings, new journeys, new experiences and new challenges. And to prepare us to face these new beginning and to set our year for success, we often set goals and resolutions.

The problem however with most people is when they feel that they lack improvement in reaching these goals, they immediately stop and not pursue any further.

Does this ring any bell to you? If it does, this article will share to you 5 steps to help you set your goals and achieve them so you can set your year up to success this 2020.

Having Intentionality as a competency is the first step in this process.

If you have this, you’ll be able to think and act deliberately and “on purpose; knowing what it takes to control your own outcomes. You’ll be able to make decisions and take actions in a manner consistent with your goals and values. You’ll be able to manage distractions and become clear on what you want to make happen on your life.

Once you already have the can-do attitude, you’ll now become more determined to establish your goal – which will be the second step. Define what success is to you. It doesn’t have to be having wealth or fame, but has to be with what really matters to you.

The third step is to determine the details of your goal. You can break down your ultimate goal into smaller goals that you can achieve on a daily basis. For instance, if your goal is to pass an examination or a test, your daily goal can be reading at least 10 pages of a book that you need for passing or having a good rest to help you with comprehension. You need to also remember that you don’t have to be all worked-up, take a break once in a while so you’ll not get exhausted and discouraged.

Get started! That will be the fourth step. Once your goals are set and you already know what the finish line looks like, you need not have to wait and start working on your goals as soon as you can. There are no shortcuts to success. Don’t hesitate just because you’re afraid that you might fail. If you start right away and you fail, you’ll still have the time to rebuild your actions and plans and get started again.

The fifth and last step is to achieve and reflect. After reaching a goal, look at the next goal on your list and reflect what you did in your previous goal. By doing so, you’ll allow yourself to grow by refraining on making your past mistakes and improve yourself.

Nothing is impossible if you just believe in yourself and have a plan. If you are living an intentional life then achieving your goals will not be a problem. Just remember what they say, a goal without a plan is just a wish.

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