Applying Positive Psychology Principles and Practices to Coaching

Positive Psychology Coach and Speaker

Dr. Susanne Knowles speaking for People Builders, and the Emotional Intelligence Academy, at the Emotional Intelligence Online Summit for 2020 on applying the principles and practices of Positive Psychology in coaching.

Dr.Knowles is the chair and founder of the Australian Institute of Professional Coaches. She's a psychologist educator, executive coach and author who holds a master's degree in education, psychology and business administration. She recently completed a PhD, research researching how organisations develop a coaching culture.

05:14 - Psychology is the study of human behaviour and the mental processes that allow us to learn, function and respond to various situations in our lives.

19:20 - Positive Psychology is the scientific study of what makes life most worth living.

31:36 - Coaching is facilitating self-awareness of issues and problems concerning clients in their work and / or personal life, or goals to be achieved.

37:30 - How to apply the principles and practices of Positive Psychology to coaching yourself and others.



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