Beating Covid-19 with Service Orientation

The world has taken big hit from COVID-19 and no economy has been spared from its debilitating outcomes. Businesses, be it big or small, are making every effort to make their businesses thrive and come out of this challenging situation.

So, how can your business thrive during these challenging times? There is no easy answer; however one of things every business should have to keep on going, is having a steady flow of loyal clients.

Loyal clients will stay with you and will help carry your business with you during turbulent times. And one of things that help retain clients is giving them the best customer experience.

Here are some tips on on how you can boost your client’s morale and make them loyal to your business.

Develop more understanding and empathy

Most of your clients’, if not all, may be fearful and anxious because of this pandemic.

They’ll have more questions and concerns. They’ll want to know if you’re still open for business, your business hours, and if they can still avail of your products and/or services and how. They may also want to know how your products can help them get through these difficult times.

This is where your understanding and empathy is needed. Invest some time in reaching out to your clients, be it through call or chat. Ask them how they are and how they are doing. No business involved. Doing so can increase client loyalty because they will feel more valued.

Use empathic and service oriented words

“I can’t help you with that.” and “I will transfer you to…” are the words most clients don’t want to hear from you.

Teach your team members to use service oriented lines such as: “Let’s see if we can figure this out together” or “I will do my best to address your concern”. This will show your client that you care and empathise with them and that you would very much want to be of service to them.

Adapt to changes

You may be doing certain services that may have been effective before but may not not be applicable to the current situation. Do not panic. Have an open conversation with your people. Discuss and exchange ideas on what you could do as a team to improve your performance and adapt to the changes.

Use collaboration tools

Due to the current situation, businesses have traded  office workspaces for bedroom desks, kitchen counters, and even mattresses at home. And because of this, communication and collaboration amongst team members have never been so vital.

Utilising online collaboration tools are effective ways to monitor and help your team members cater to your client’s needs despite working remotely and not being in the same space.

The covid-19 pandemic may have taken its toll on many. It is however, not a hindrance for us to give our clients the best customer experience. Having service orientation will enable you to have the right mindset and implement strategies that could bring about growth to your business even in these hard and unprecedented times.

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