Coaching: Helping People While Staying Home

Coach coaching online

Lockdowns, staying at home, remote working— this has been our new normal since the COVID-19 pandemic hit. Some of us are becoming more and more stressed-out thinking of how our lives have changed. Some need help in overcoming situations like this and in improving themselves and what they’re doing. This is where you come in, a person that could help people push others to turn their lives around for the better and achieve their goals.

As a coach, how can you help people?

  • By showing a genuine personal interest in helping your clients and other people improve their performance.
  • By understanding the goals, strengths, and weaknesses of other people.
  • By giving timely and constructive feedback so your clients or other people can find their way to excellence.
  • By being a natural mentor/coach.
  • By providing your clients with knowledgeable support.
  • By fostering long-term learning and development of your clients and others.

You might be thinking to yourself that being a coach in this current environment will not work because you can’t work with your clients in a physical space. Well, you’re wrong because today’s fast-paced world of technology allows you to easily contact your clients online and to take the time to talk to them about their goals, aspirations, and things they want to learn and do better.

These conversations should occur regularly, not only when you have a scheduled meeting with them. You can do this without costing you too much time as a few minutes regularly can make a long way. Also, to help you track progress, you should create and maintain a development file for each of them so that you know if the current strategy you’re implementing is appropriate for your clients’ needs.

Speaking of needs, request them to craft a development plan that would allow them to work on a project or goal and learn as they go in an area where they want to develop themselves in. As they work on their development plan, it’s important that you make yourself available so that they feel supported by you along the way and that you value the changes they’re making for themselves. Observe their progress and provide them specific feedback on what they’re doing well and where they need further development. Make your feedback as constructive and non-evaluative of them as possible; focus on the work, not on the individual. Acknowledge and recognise progress often to help them become more determined and confident in the changes they’re doing.


When you focus on genuinely helping people through coaching, you can certainly think of ways to do so even if you’re not face-to-face with your clients. Today’s technology can help you do that. You have all the resources that you need, so what is hindering you from helping others? Decide now and make it a decision that counts.


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