Creativity in the Workplace: Why Should it be a Necessity?

You may be sitting on a chair in your office or be somewhere pondering why your organisation seems to be stagnant and not improving. You may wonder why your competitors are doing better than to you. You may also have asked yourself what strategies have they been using that you might have overlooked or missed?


If you have somehow thought of this, then this article will help you understand the possible reason why your organisation’s growth may not be as fast as you want it to be.

In today’s business world, an organisation should be creative enough to remain in the competition and be able to outshine their competitors. Creativity, in today’s fast-paced, ever-changing business arena, is now not just an advantage but a necessity.

Here are the reasons why:

1. Problem solving will be easy-peasy.

Encouraging creativity amongst your employees will increase their ability to deal with problems they encounter at work. Creative employees are able to think long term and can see the bigger picture. They are analytical and resilient. So, instead of feeling anxious and stressed out by the problems they encounter at work, they will be able to deal with them logically and creatively to find a solution to those problems.

2. Customer increase and retention

Creative employees are able to attract their potential clients to patronise their products and services. They are able to identify what each of their clients need and are able to come up with cost-effective strategies that can spark their clients’ and potential clients’ interests.

Creative employees also know how to build rapport with their clients and how to make that rapport last. An example of this is when an employee has sold their organisation’s product or service to a client. He/she does a follow up to find out how the client is faring with the product and to ensure that any concern regarding the product/service will be addressed. When an organisation has such employees, that organisation’s clients would surely recommended their products/services to their respective families and friends.

3. Increases productivity and engagement amongst employees

Conducting training and activities to develop and harness your employees’ creativity, will make them feel valued and make them become engaged.

Some of these activities may involve hiring a coach to help and train them in this area. You can also conduct team huddles where your employees can share their ideas and thoughts on your organisation’s current and on-going plans and projects.

When you do this, your employees will take ownership on your organisation’s vision and will be more productive knowing that their labour is not in vain.

Indeed, creativity is an innate gift that every human being has and when harnessed correctly will bring about growth and success for a person, team and organisation.

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