Dealing with Setbacks Through Powerful Influencing Skills

Do you find it difficult to influence other people? Do you think you’re the kind of person who doesn’t have this kind of skill?

If you do, the good news is, you are wrong. Every one of us are influencers. You may not know it but through your actions and words, you’re unconsciously influencing other people. And if harnessed properly, this skill can help you and your organisation make it through any any setbacks.

Here are some of the things you can do as leader to harness this skill:


One of the things that stimulates influence is communication. Without steady communication, your people will less likely be influenced by you. Especially during times of crisis where people are in in need of security and assurance because of they may think the you as their leader, you may abandon them or more so get them out of their jobs to save yours. This may lead to disengagement and a lack of productivity amongst your team.

With this happening, your organisation might face some serious challenges. What you can do is to make sure that you constantly communicate with them. Be transparent about the status of your organisation and give them the assurance, that you will face this challenge as a team.

Be committed to what you say you would do.

Staying true to your promised actions will help you gain trust among your people, and trust is one of the most crucial elements for us to be able to influence people.

People don’t want to be influenced by someone who’s just all talk and no work. Also, by doing this you can motivate yourself to do better in everything you do because you know that people are watching you. The more trust people have in you, the more powerful your influence will be. So, if you tell your people that you’ll help them get through this crisis, stay true to your word.

Become a problem-solver.

Your credibility as a leader and as an influencer will ultimately get higher if you are a problem-solver. Thinking long-term and putting your people first - these will help you gain credibility and trust, hence influencing people much easier.

As a leader, keep in mind that you cannot deal with all the setbacks your organisation is facing alone. You need your people to successfully overcome them. Use your powerful influencing skill to help your people become better versions of themselves and help them realise the organisation’s vision and achieve her goals.

Whatever setbacks you may have, as long as you have your people behind, your team and organisation can overcome and achieve anything.

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