Employing Self-Assessment for Higher Engagement and Productivity

Does your team seem disengaged or are they under-performing? Do you find yourself continually needing to correct and motivate them?

Self-assessment might be the best solution to keep them engaged and passionate in their respective roles.

Although traditional employee performance reviews encourage constructive communication between leaders and team members, using this method alone is still not enough. Studies show that self-assessment is one of the best methods to engage an organisation’s team members in the process of looking at performance and setting both job and career goals.

Benefits of Accurate Self-Assessment

Contrary to traditional performance reviews, which may curtail a team member’s sense of control, self-assessment amongst team members gives them the opportunity to reflect and pinpoint their own strengths and weaknesses in a non-judgemental manner, making them less defensive and more open to feedback.

Self-assessment also provides them a useful opportunity to evaluate their own level of performance and contribution to your organisation. So, instead of simply telling them what they’re doing right or wrong, a self-assessment gives them an introspective point of view.

Having this point of view is important as this encourages team members to set long-term goals. Self-assessment can enhance their capability to aim further, higher, and smarter. Studies show, that a self-assessment that contains an analysis of what an individual can do more effectively the “next time” often demonstrates commitment to excellence and continuous improvement.

Furthermore, team members with this competence demonstrate the following qualities in every area of their lives:

– Are reflective and learn from experience
– Know their capabilitiesÍž know what they can do and what they can’t do
– Are open to candid feedback, new perspectives, continuous learning and self-development
– Ask for help from others who might have more experience, knowledge or ability
– Have the ability to identify and target areas for improvement and change
– Demonstrate a desire to learn and grow

So how does an accurate self-assessment amongst team members benefit your organisation?

Accurate self-assessment can help your organisation keep track on what your team member has done over a given period. Keeping track of this can be a gauge for making improvements and setting goals. In addition, it allows you, as their team leader to document particular performance items in their permanent records, minimising the stress that comes with the evaluation process.

On top of that, accurate self-assessment reveals how team members feel about the work they have accomplished. Knowing how your team member feels about the work they are doing will give you, as their team leader, further insight into what motivates and drives them and gives you knowledge if the tasks you’re giving them are the right ones for them.

Accurate self-assessment, when incorporated with your organisation’s team-member performance reviews, can be a powerful tool in your organisation. Operating with this tool will not only improve your relationship with your team members, but will also make them more engaged, thus making your organisation perform well and achieve extra-ordinary results.

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