How to have Realistic Optimism in the Midst of Pressure

Staying positive at all times in the midst of difficult circumstances is not an easy thing to do. There are even times where all we could ever think about is how much pain we are in and how stressed we are, which does not help solve the problem but often times takes a toll on our overall health.

People who have the Realistic Optimism competency have a better grip on handling pressure and negative situations compared to those who don’t because they:

• See obstacles as temporary and can be surpassed.
• Do things with a mindset that they will succeed rather than fear failure.
• Believe that anything is possible if they just try their hardest and never give up.
• Perceive defeat or failure as a challenge and learning experience for them to grow and become better.

Handling negative situations are not only the things realistic optimists are good at. Realistic optimists excel in many aspects of their lives such as:

• They do better at work, in school and even in life.
• They have better overall health.
• They are more likely to succeed.
• They are better in handling difficult situations and problems.
• They treat other people better.

If you want to become a Realistic Optimist and enjoy these benefits, here are some developmental you can apply:

Learn to apprecite yourself.

Identify your strengths and accept compliments for what you achieved. Through this, whenever you’re going through tough times, your worries will be eased as you know that you have the capacity to to overcome them and become victorious in the end.

Be aware of what you’re saying to yourself.

Being aware of what you say to yourself is very important because it can make a huge impact on how you feel and what you do. If you fill your mind with criticism and negative thoughts about yourself, it will discourage you and drag you down in the long run.

However, if you learn to appreciate yourself more and embrace who you are, you’re self esteem will improve thus making you better in dealing with other people, handling stress and handling difficult situations

Dispute negative beliefs and thoughts.

Whenever a negative thought comes into your mind, take captive of it. Make it a habit to dispute them immediately with positive thoughts.

Take note of your emotions

‘Listen’ to what your emotions are telling you. Being aware of our emotions will help you recognise how your feelings are affecting your performance and how you can address them.

Pressure, stress and difficulties are parts of every journey to success. Our ability to overcome them solely depends on our attitude and mindset towards them.

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