Is Coaching For Me?

A coaching session with a coach.

Are you someone who wants to help others bring out the best in themselves whilst working towards their dreams and goals? Do you want to improve the lives of people and get them out of feeling burned out at work?  If you are, then maybe coaching is for you!

You might be thinking that being a coach is something that’s out of your league, and that it’s completely different from who are right now. Read the rest of this article first and I’ll tell you why you’re perfect to be one.  

What are the qualities of a coach?

Passion in Helping

Having a big heart and a passion for helping other people is important in being a coach, because you can’t truly help others without putting your heart into it.


A coach knows how to balance and analyse a situation and come up with a plan or strategy that’s right for the client and the situation. They are not biased and remain neutral to think of better solutions.

Positive and enthusiastic

A positive coach is someone people want to help others improve. By having a positive outlook, you instill in your clients that they can do what they set out to do and that you’re able to help them do it along the way. Being positive also helps your clients listen to you because they know that you only want the best for them and that you can lead them to success.


By being focused, you’ll learn exactly what your clients need. It will help in making a more elaborate plan and avoiding any possible distractions that will not help your client.


A great coach listens. This is the most important trait a coach should have. Clients feel more valued when they know that they’re being listened to.  When a coach listens, they learn what a client really needs.

If you have all the characteristics mentioned above, then there’s no doubt that you can become a coach! If you don’t, don’t worry. These traits can be developed. You just need the right tools to help you. 

At People Builders we have a team of expert trainers and coaches who can help you and your team understand the benefits you can get through coaching and how you can be one. Contact us today for a quick chat to see how we can partner with you to train and coach you and your team.

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