Leaving a Footprint Behind: Inspirational Leadership

Everyone needs someone to look up to, someone to inspire them to move forward, especially when times are tough. In an organisation or workplace, this person is severely needed. Why? Because some, if not all, employees are motivated only by the paycheck – no more, no less. Not that there’s anything wrong with it as we all have necessities, but this way of thinking has its downsides.

When people work just to earn, they tend to lack the attitude or motivation to discover more of what they’re really capable of, thus being stuck to where they presently are. Instead of going to where they want to be or where they should be, they’ll settle for just “okay”, instead of striving for greatness. This can lead to them feeling as if they’re punishing themselves, forcing themselves to go to work, and dreading the incoming day the entire time as they get there.

So, the question is how would you, as a leader, change this kind of mentality? Simple. You need to become an Inspirational Leader. Anyone has the ability and potential to become one, but it doesn’t always come naturally. You’ll have to work on it. And to help you work through it, here are some key tips that you can do in becoming an Inspirational Leader:

Having total awareness

Total awareness means being aware, not just of what’s around you, but being aware of yourself as well. “What inspires you?” Asking yourself this question will help you understand more about yourself. “What drives you to give your best in what you do?” “What inspires you to keep reaching for your goal?” Finding out what inspires you will help you help your people to find their own inspiration.

Behaving accordingly 

A lazy, egotistical, and arrogant leader does not inspire a single soul. If you want to become an Inspirational Leader, you have to abide by great values. By bringing those values to the workplace every day, your people will begin to notice and eventually be inspired to adopt those values as their own. This will lead to your organisation achieving its goals much easier.

Get to know your people

Because everyone is different, a single method to inspire a person may not work for another. When you’re able to get to know your people individually and on a deeper level, only then can you inspire them. 

Inspiring someone is a challenge, especially if you don’t have any inspiration yourself. Find out what motivates you, what keeps you going, especially in these trying times of COVID-19. Use this as your motivation to leave a mark and inspire someone to reach their potential.

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