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In this fast paced, demanding and competitive business world, there will times where one cannot help but feel stressed out and overwhelmed. And these feelings of overwhelm and stress often leads to health problems- both physical and mentally, burnout and unproductivity.

How about you? When was the last time you felt stressed out? What do you think triggered your stress? And what effects did your stress bring about to your mind, your mood and your body?

What is Stress?

According to the Cleveland Clinic, stress is the body’s reaction to any change that requires an adjustment or response. The body reacts to these changes with physical, mental, and emotional responses.

Stress is a normal part of life. You can experience stress from your environment, your body, and your thoughts. Even positive life changes such as a promotion, a mortgage, or the birth of a child can produce stress.

Since stress is inevitable, the only way to deal with it is to learn how to manage your stress through learning and applying stress management techniques.

Why is Stress Management Important?

Stress Management is important as stress can take a toll on your body and on your health.

Too much stress can lead to a number of health problems such as headaches, insomnia, stomach problems, chest pain, elevated blood pressure, heart problems, diabetes, asthma, arthritis, and skin conditions. Stress is also a leading cause of anxiety and depression.
Learning how to manage your stress can help you avoid having these problems by giving you the ability you keep your unhealthy emotions at bay.

Stress Management enables you to have the right response to stressful situations.

When faced with stressful situations, some people try to relieve their stress by succumbing into vices such as the over-use of tobacco, drinking alcohol, and even resort to using drugs. However, little do these people know, that instead of helping them deal with stress, these substances and vices brings their bodies to a more distressed state.

Learning how to manage your stress gives you the ability to respond to stress in healthier ways. Some of the things you can do to relieve your stress in a healthy way are doing activities such as exercising, practicing yoga and meditation, getting a relaxing massage, exploring a new hobby and spending time with family, friends and loved ones.

Stress Management Makes you Become more self-aware.

Having Self- awareness makes you more aware of your self, your emotions and the situations that can cause you stress making you handle challenges better.

Stress is inevitable. Dealing with it everyday can become very overwhelming. Here are some tips to reduce your stress:

 Keep a positive attitude.
 Set limits appropriately by learning to say ‘no’ to things that you think might cause stress in your life.
 Make time for hobbies and interests. This can help you relieve your stress.
 Get enough rest and sleep and eat a good and balanced diet. Taking care of your body means being prepared in handling problems hence, becoming less stressed out.
 Spend time with those you love. You are never alone in your journey and you will never be, so don’t be ashamed on seeking social support.
 If you think that stress is too much for you to handle, never hesitate to seek help from professionals like psychologists or other mental health professional.

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