Protecting your health with Stress Management

Stress affects people in different levels. Our bodies are well prepared to handle it in small portions, but when it piles up overtime, it becomes chronic and can have a serious impact on bodies’ our overall health.

Understanding how stress affects you physically and mentally is very important so read through the article to help you have the knowledge you need to protect your health.

Stress is known to harm your body. However, not all stress is harmful. Here are the different types of stress:


This is a positive type of stress that could keep you active and energised, enhances your functioning, and gives you positive feelings. Some examples are: challenging work assignment, excitement from a roller coaster ride, happiness while getting married, etc.

Acute Stress

This is a short-term stress where a single episode generally doesn’t cause problems to the body. This is also the type of stress that you mostly encounter on your daily lives. However, severe acute stress can cause health problems physically like headaches or stomach problems, and mentally like PTSD or Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Chronic Stress

This type of stress seems unending and cannot be easily escaped. Examples of this type of stress are bad marriage, toxic workplace, and having large amount of debt. It can also come from traumatic experiences. The effects of this type of stress lasts longer and tend to be more problematic hence, can lead to more serious type of diseases.

Now that you know the different types of stress you can experience, it is apparent how it can take a toll on your body and your life.

Here are some conditions that are influenced by stress:

– Hair loss
– Severe headaches
– Heart Disease
– Diabetes
– Ulcers
– Tooth and gum disease
– Sexual dysfunction
– Obesity
– Insomnia
– Anxiety disorder
– Depression

Knowing the effects stress has on the body, it is really important to learn how to manage it in order to protect your health. Although stress is inevitable, it is totally manageable.

Know what causes your stress

For you to effectively manage your stress, you should first identify its source. Make a list of the things or situations that trigger your stress. Identifying your stressors will give you an idea on how to avoid or deal with them for you to lessen your stress.

Change your lifestyle

One way to manage your stress is also to be conscious of of your lifestyle. Ask yourself and reflect: Are you taking care of your body? Are you eating healthy? Do you regularly exercise? Do you have vices that you need to give up? Do you tend to overwork yourself? Are you having enough sleep?

Eating well, having a balanced diet, getting regular exercise, getting rid of vices and having enough sleep can help you reduce your stress by helping boost your resiliency and give you the strength and presence of mind to deal with difficult situations. Learning how to pare down your activities and learning when to say NO can also be of help in reducing your stress.

Spend Time with the Right People

Spending time with family friends can also help in reducing your stress. By this, you will not feel alone. If you think you need professional help in then, having a professional coach walk alongside you to guide and mentor you along the way can greatly help.

When you are overwhelmed by stress, don’t stress out. Take a deep breath and try applying these tips in your life.

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