Resilience: The Key to Living Life Amid Uncertainties

Happy New Year, everyone!

The past two years have been quite a challenging year for all of us. 2020 surprised us with a deadly disease that quickly turned into a pandemic. This worldwide pandemic resulted in enforced lockdowns, causing uncertainty and drastic changes in many people's lives.

Although the COVID-19 vaccines have given us a glimmer of hope in this dire situation, the recent virus surge popping up like mushrooms in different countries around the world adds to our uncertainty about what this new year will bring.

However, regardless of what 2022 brings, what you decide right now will determine your level of happiness this year. Resolving to develop a resilience enabling mindset this year will help you deal with whatever comes your way, no matter what year it is and whatever situation you find yourself facing.

To Thrive, You Need a Resilience Mindset!

The Institute of Social and Emotional Intelligence defines resilience as “perseverance and diligence in facing setbacks”.

Having a resilience mindset gives you the capacity to recuperate quickly when experiencing problems and difficulties. This in turn can help you enjoy life, in spite of the uncertainties, and make the most out of it.

So, how can resilience help you enjoy life and live it to its fullest?

Resilience starts by having everything the right perspective when dealing with difficulties.

Let’s face it, difficulties, problems, and challenges will always be a part of life. That is why you should always be equipped with the and right mindset and strategies to face them. Resilience training enables you to do that.

Resilient people view difficulties, problems, and challenges as temporary. They know that if they focus more on finding the solutions, instead of dwelling on the situation itself, they'll get faster results and have more time for other things in their life that matter more. They don't take challenges to heart but instead welcome them with open arms for the growth they bring. They choose to live their lives to the fullest.

Here are some of the benefits you can receive when you develop the emotional intelligence competency of RESILIENCE.

Resilience keeps you open to new experiences and growth.

You will go through a series of challenges and failures during your lifetime. Resilience teaches you to value and learn from every experience you have, be it good or bad. It helps you understand that with every new experience, there is an opportunity to grow and become a much different version of yourself.

Being open to new experiences makes you enjoy more of what life has to offer because you won't hinder yourself from trying new things and go on adventures more often.

Resilience gives you the courage to dream bigger.

People with low resilience usually have a low self-esteem, poor self-belief, and little self-worth. They often go through the motions of life with the thought of just surviving one day after another. They think big dreams are a luxury that they do not deserve and something they don't have time to put into. They think so little of themselves that dreaming big seems unachievable.

On the other hand, resilient people have the confidence they need to dream big. They consider these dreams achievable, so long as they put their heart and mind into them, and they do!

Developing Resilience

Of course, simply declaring your intention to succeed will not ensure your achievement. After all, most resolutions are abandoned after a short period. Making a concrete plan for cultivating the mental framework will allow you to maintain your resolve all throughout this year.

Here are some developmental tips from The Institute of Social and Emotional Intelligence that you can practically apply in your life:

Resolve to Have a Healthy Lifestyle.

Stress, lack of sleep, and poor eating habits significantly impact your physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Therefore, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is critical for dealing with life's ups and downs.

Recharge yourself. 

Consider what will happen to your phone if you do not charge it. No matter how hard you try to reduce the brightness of your phone's screen, try not to check your messages, or how many times you put it on airplane mode, your phone's performance will eventually deteriorate. The same is true for humans. Although we cannot send emails directly from our brains, we consume energy in the same manner as cell phones. Just like your phone, your performance will eventually deteriorate if you do not recharge ourselves regularly.

Therefore, scheduling a time for rest and renewal is essential for you to be ready to face life's inevitable challenges.

Replace Negative Self-Talk. 

Your self-talk can affect your life's walk. 

Therefore, you need to replace your negative self-talk with a positive mindset. You can do this by challenging the negative "self-talk" by asking yourself these questions: 

"What's my real belief here?" 

"Is there any evidence behind this self-doubt?" 

When confronted with negative and overwhelming emotions, try to maintain a positive attitude by considering setbacks and disappointments to be isolated, short-term, and situational rather than permanent or applicable to all situations.

Setting short-term and long-term goals for yourself can also help minimise negative emotions by making you feel productive and purposeful every day, while long-term goals will make you have a plan for the future.

Read biographies of resilient people and learn from them. 

Biographies can teach you how successful people deal with crises and solve complex problems. They invite you into people's lives, allowing you to glimpse and learn how these people faced uncertainties and overcame adversities. 

Reach out for Help. 

The acceptance and support you receive from your relationships with others can provide a cushion during challenging and stressful times. Try seeking support and inspiration from trusted family members and friends. Getting professional help from a certified People Builders coach can significantly help you develop resilience and face life's challenges and uncertainties as well.


Being happy amid life's challenges and uncertainties is always a choice, and it's a choice that you could take. You only have one life, and it's always up to you how you live it. You can spend it with many fears and worries or live it with resilience by welcoming challenges and uncertainties with open arms and making the best of every moment. I suggest you go with the latter. Live life to the fullest because you deserve it! 

Have a wonderful year ahead of you!

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