Sustaining your Achievement Drive

Have you ever tried skipping a meal? Do you know that skipping meals can bring about negative and harmful effects to our body? Some of these negative and harmful effects include and are not limited to fatigue, difficulty focusing and a weakened immune system which makes us prone to sickness.

You see, our bodies need sustenance – it needs to be fueled for it to have the energy to go on and move about. . It is a universal principle – for something to function well, there needs to be a fuel. The same goes with our dreams and goals.

Having a goal or a dream is a good thing, great even, but if you don’t act on it and let it become stagnant for a long time, it may just stay as intangible it is – just a dream and a goal – for the rest of your life.

That is why having a fuel to keep you going ‘til the finish line is important for you to realise your dreams and achieve your goals. This fuel is what we call ACHIEVEMENT DRIVE.

Achievement drive is the competency that enables us to strive to meet a standard of excellence.

How do you sustain your achievement drive?

Envision your success

Envisioning your success can help you become more driven in achieving your goals. One way to help you successfully do this is through creating a vision board. A vision board is a tangible visualisation of your dreams and goals. Put it in a place where you will be able to constantly see it. Having something visual can also help you visualize your desired outcome and keep track of things that really matter.

Having a visual of your dreams and goals will help serve as a constant reminder to you of what your goals are and why are doing what you are doing.

Have a “Glass half-full” attitude

Having and maintaining a positive attitude towards things can really make a difference in your life. Having all the resources you need to work on achieving what you desire is not enough if you don’t have the right attitude for it. Being optimistic and believing in yourself can definitely strengthen your achievement drive.

Be accompanied by believers and optimists

Sometimes we get distracted by negative thoughts when pursuing our goals in life. We might think that our abilities are not enough and no matter what we do, we will never achieve what we really desire to achieve.

For this reason, being surrounded by positive, driven and motivated people can help motivate us and keep us driven when the going gets tough.

No matter what storm comes your way, you can surpass it as long as you have a strong achievement drive within you. Keep cultivating it. If our body needs food for it keep going, our inner being also needs achievement drive for us to accomplish our dreams and goals.

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