The Priceless Benefits of Training in Organisations

Imagine this: You are in need of life saving surgery and you were given a choice between two different doctors. One is a trained surgeon and a specialist in their field, and the other was not. Which of the two would you choose?

What if the cost of having the untrained doctor as your surgeon was half the price of having your surgery done by the trained one? Will you opt to hire the untrained doctor? Probably not. Common sense will tell you that making a person do something that they are not trained for is a recipe for trouble and disaster. Yet, despite all the risks, many business owners do not recognise the importance of training their people and they will often make excuses like:

“We are too busy to learn something new right now.”

“The training is too expensive, it’s just out of our budget.”

“Training is a waste of our time and money.”

Though most business managers wouldn’t hire unqualified employees, the demands of today’s ever changing, fast-paced market place make workplace training an indispensable way to make your organisation outperform your competitors.

Here are some of the benefits employee training can give your organisation:

1. Time Efficiency and Productivity. When an untrained worker makes a mistake, the time and materials used are lost. Training equips employees to do more effectively, in a given time, resulting in greater efficiency and productivity.

2. Reduced Employee Turnover. People who are not trained may feel inadequate, insecure, under-valued, unsupported and unhappy. Meanwhile, investing on employees’ training will make them feel valued and confident. A workplace with satisfied employees is more likely to have a low employee turnover rate. When training and development are seen as an additional company benefit, recruitment costs go down due to staff retention.

3. Addressing Weakness. In order to strengthen your organisation, you must first identify and address its weaknesses. Most employees will have some areas for development in their workplace skills. A training program will allow you to identify and strengthen the skills that employees needs to improve on, individually and collectively. This helps reduce any weak links within the company who rely heavily on others to complete objectives, and maintain a culture of continuous improvement.

4. Innovative Mindset and Improved Performance. Having a training program for your people will help them understand the responsibilities within their role, and in turn build their confidence, capability and compliance. This will be a fertile ground from which innovative and creative thinking can grow. Innovation and creativity are strong forces that will keep your company on the cutting edge and out in front of the game.

5. Minimised Supervision. Evidence shows that employees who are trained need less supervision. This enables you to save your time which can be used for other tasks.

Conducting quality training among your employees will definitely be an investment in time, money and materials, especially when third parties are needed to conduct the training. Nevertheless, the benefits that you, your organisation and your people receive, far outweigh the costs. Investing in an expert trainer is the best money your organisation could ever allocate from your budget.

At People Builders, we have expert corporate and workplace trainers who will help you evaluate you organisation’s needs and then engage everyone in the process. They will then educate you and your team to create a culture of excellence within your organisation and achieve extraordinary results.

“What if they get the training and leave us?”

What if they don’t get the training and stay?

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