The Secrets to Boosting Creativity in the Workplace

In this fast-paced, competitive marketplace, organisations that don’t introduce new products and develop the ones they already have, will eventually fall out of the race. This is the very reason why creativity is a necessary element that should be in all types of organisations today.

Creativity is the use of one’s imagination to produce fresh ideas. It is not something that one can attain with just a snap of a finger, rather it is a something that is developed and practiced over time. Even if a person is innately creative, they cannot use or develop it if the organisation they are working for is not doing anything to tap into and utilise their potential.

Factors that affect creativity


Being creative means taking inspiration from something and having a relaxed and calm mind for ideas to keep flowing in. A person will have difficulty being creative if he or she is in an environment that is not conducive for generating new ideas and thinking outside the box.

For employees to develop a creative mind at work, an organisation should not have a stressful environment, but should have an engaging one. An engaging and stress-free workplace creates an atmosphere of creativity amongst employees.

Activities outside the company such as retreats and team building can also help tap into their creative potential.

Acknowledgment and Support

You may not know it yet, but your employees may have a great number of ideas lurking in their minds and they just need a little support and acknowledgement for these ideas to come out.

It is imperative to show that creativity and ideas, no matter how crazy or out-of –this world it may sound, are highly valued. Acknowledging their ideas and taking the risk of supporting and developing these ideas helps the employees have the mindset that they are appreciated hence, enriching more of their creativity in order to help the organisation reach success. This may give the employees a reason be more engaged with organisation’s vision and goals.


Having a reward system in your organisation can also motivate your employees to be more creative. Acknowledging their ideas is one thing, giving them rewards is another. A company may encourage its employees to come up with ideas for a project, then anyone whose idea is implemented will be rewarded. The reward may be something tangible, monetary or a few days rest from work.


Some employees may feel uncomfortable sharing their ideas publicly. They may be too shy or scared that their ideas are not good enough for the organisation. Having a private channel such as suggestion box or something similar may help. Having a one-on-one closed door discussions or conversations with your employees can boost their confidence to share their creative ideas.

The mind is an incredible part of a human being. It contains an infinite number of ideas that are oftentimes just sitting around the corner waiting to be tapped and developed. Your employee’s creativity can bring about success to your organisation.
With the right management and support, creativity amongst an organisation’s employees will boost. That is why organisations should never hesitate to invest in something that could help increase and develop an environment of creativity.

How about you, how is your creativity? Is it something that needs to be worked on, or something that you’re wanting to develop?

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