The Single Reason You’re Struggling With Recruitment

A recent survey by the Employment Office illustrated that there were about 10 active candidates per role advertised.

I’ve often said in my recruitment career, it only takes one stand out applicant to fill a position, after all, you only need one applicant for one role, right?


The single reason you’re struggling with recruitment is not having enough of the right candidates applying for your vacant positions.

So no doubt the question becomes; how do you attract enough of the right candidates to be able to make the absolute best appointment?

Let me answer that for you.

In order to make the best appointment possible, you need to start at the beginning;

1. Who are you looking for?

Who are you actually looking for. Yes, I know you need an accountant, marketing manager, HR manager or CEO – but what does that mean? How does that role actually fit into your organisation?

Start with a needs analysis about the specifics of the role. A well crafted job description and set of KPIs.

How will you know you’ve found the right person, when you actually can’t articulate what you are looking for?

Examine how this role will fit in with the existing stakeholders. Take the time to re-think the role as you recruit someone new into it.

2. Know where to find amazing talent.

Once you have identified exactly what you need, have an agreed, detailed job description, and have buy in from senior management, you need to start looking.

This starts with a well worded, stand out job description.

Currently, has over 51,000 jobs advertised for Sydney alone. How is your ad going to stand out and draw applicants to apply?

Is online advertising right for your role? After all, online adverts for open positions are designed for those who are looking for work. Those who are spending part of their current work day, disengaged in their current role, and out there seeking new opportunities.

There has always been a view in Executive Recruitment that the best applicants are those that aren’t actually currently looking. Those potential applicants are happy in their current roles, they are achieving, meeting targets, driving forward and an asset to their current employer.

Which applicant would you prefer?

People Builders work closely with their clients to carefully develop an attraction strategy that makes sure the right applicants are seeing the advertisement. This ensures we are having the right conversations with the right industry leaders to attract them to your organisation.

3. Be professional in your process

Please understand that the recruitment process is not just for the employer to find an employee, but for the potential employee to select an employer. No active candidate is making one application at a time, they are typically applying for 3, 4 or even 5 positions at a time.

And, like it or not, those potential applicants are evaluating (judging) you at every step of the way. Applicants are taking the lead in the way you reply to their application, how you leave messages, how you interact, how you interview, how you follow up as an indication of the organisation.

The recruitment process is as much a two way sales experience as anything else.

That’s why engaging with a professional Executive Recruitment Consultant can help. People Builders take on and manage your process on your behalf, working alongside you to put your best foot forward.

Are you tired of struggling with your recruitment process? We can help.

People Builders is a full service Executive Recruitment Division that can help you understanding what you are looking for. We know where to look and we are professional recruiters – it’s what we do.

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