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Over the past 13 years, we have organically grown a highly trained and experienced team of specialist trainers, coaches, speakers, talent management, and HR professionals to ensure we always provide you with the best-fit solutions for your organisation. Certified and mentored in our People Builders Institute, they are all kept up to date with the latest findings and benchmarks in social and emotional intelligence, applied neuroscience, positive psychology, and behvioural economics.

Grant Herbert - Founder and Global Managing Partner

Grant Herbert

Founder - Global Managing Partner 

As the founder and CEO of People Builders, and Master Trainer for the Institute for Social and Emotional Intelligence, Grant trains coaches, corporate trainers, HR professionals, facilitators, managers, and leaders to provide the best outcomes possible for any individual organisation. 

Recently named 'Emotional Intelligence Speaker and Trainer of the Year' for the second consecutive year, Grant has over 37 years as a leadership trainer and coach. He has learned that the key to developing others is to first help them replace the mindsets and behaviours that are currently sabotaging their results. Once that platform is built, they actually implement what we teach them. This ensures a high ROI.

Sandhya Rani C - Associate Partner India

Dr. Sandhya Rani C

Associate Trainer and Coach - India

With over sixteen years of experience, Dr. Sandhya Rani C is an international trainer, assessment expert and executive coach. She trains managers in Social and Emotional Intelligence, Leadership Development, and Stress Management in organisations across several industries and non profit institutions.

Ichhya Mala Associate Partner Nepal

Ichhya Mala

Associate Trainer and Coach - Nepal

Ichhya Malla is a dynamic, charismatic and energetic professional with a highly effective style of training delivery. She is a strong professional who graduated from The Johns Hopkins University, USA.

Her core competencies lie in helping businesses perform well through customised trainings. For the last four years she has been working to uplift the Human Resources in Nepal. She has also been actively involved in training Officers of the Government of Nepal. She is also a guest lecturer at Kathmandu College of Management.

Ichhya heads up operations for People Builders in Nepal and is available for training and development in social and emotional intelligence, communication and leadership development.

Rushdina Khan Associate Partner Bangladesh

Rushdina Khan

Associate Trainer and Coach - Bangladesh

Rushdina works on reinforcing and refurbishing the knowledge, skills, competencies and habits of people in the workplace which helps organisations to succeed in their professional endeavours.

During her tenure of more than 12 years with several multi-nationals in Bangladesh and the United Kingdom in Sales, Customer Service, Human Resources and Training and Development, Rushdina has successfully led and developed several teams towards performance excellence.

Ryan Klette Associate Partner South Africa

Ryan Klette

Associate Trainer and Coach - South Africa

Ryan has over 15 years’ experience working in a range of business consulting roles with a focus on HR systems. As a result, he has developed a unique skillset interfacing between people and technology.  More recently, he has focussed on improving leaderships dynamics through the implementation of 360 processes for private clients in South Africa. He has a wealth of experience in coaching, both in corporate and private contexts and brings a keen sense of curiosity and attentiveness to the people he works with.

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